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: Getting To Know You…



We change lives through music and dance.

Our unique approach uses buckets of positivity, a heavy dose of encouragement and an electric and inclusive atmosphere – glued together with oodles of laughter – helping people transform their self-belief both inside and outside the dance studio.

We share our passion for authentic Street Dance in a way that empowers our students and puts a smile on their face! We take our art seriously but not ourselves (thank goodness!).

: How We Can Help You

What We Do

Our mission is to transform lives through exciting, vibrant and authentic Street Dance education and entertainment. We help dance learners, dance instructors and school communities become the best versions of themselves. Having experienced dull dance classes and been frustrated by confusing, teaching methods ourselves, we want to make your learning experience with us exciting and energising.

You will enjoy our impactful educational frameworks that are easy to use and make sure you progress faster and with more confidence. Your personal growth is at our core and your rate of self- evolution is our primary focus. The only competition you’ll find at Urban Strides is the one with yourself.


: Started From The Bottom Now We’re Here

Why We Started

‘Urban Strides Started in a dusty old village hall in 1999 when Founder Andy Instone wanted to share the absolute joy he found in Authentic Street Dance. He was driven to help people learn in a way that put a smile on their face, fire in their belly, empowerment in their heart and a spring in their step. There was nothing available that combined the invigorating depth of authentic Street Dance with an empowering approach to education. So having travelled around the world in a quest to find the best of both worlds he returned home to share it with his students.’

: More Than Just A Dance Class

Your Strides Tribe

Our community call themselves Striders, because they’re striding to become the best versions of themselves. It’s an ethos that goes way beyond a few dance steps. It’s something that sticks. You’ll enjoy a family atmosphere with maximum encouragement and zero Judgement. People often make relationships for life through Urban Strides because they know when they are enjoying an Urban Strides experience they can be who they truly are.

Dance Learners

Of all ages and abilities who want to transform their Street Dance skill and confidence in an empowering environment. You’ll learn through our weekly classes, Street Dance camps, performance crews and our pioneer masterclasses.

Dance Instructors

Who want to enjoy more successful dance classes and careers. They want to become more fulfilled and inspire their students with exciting authentic Street Dance using our accredited authentic Street Dance level 4 diploma.

School Communities

Students in schools who want to be inspired with their very own Urban Strides workshop. Senior leaders & teachers who want to prepare their students today, for the challenge of tomorrow, with our 12 month inset training ‘Resilience Reaps Rewards’.

: Every Step I Take…

Striding Toward Excellence

Our driving force is having the courage to push the boundaries and disrupt the status quo when we know it can and should be done better. Making sure we do it consistently and with commitment- we go all in, we don’t know any other way, average bores us and striving for exceptional makes sure we jump out of bed each morning with a spring in our step!

: Our North Star

We Believe…

We’re a small team with a big heart that believe big change starts with small steps.

That music and dance has the power to transform the way people feel. That two heads are better than one and nurturing relationships in an empowering tribe gives us the safety net we need to fly high. That inspirational education should feel more like a rock concert and less like a lecture.

Kind things people say about us

James Corden OBE

BAFTA Award Winner, Presenter of the Late Show on CBS

“Working with Andy and the Urban Strides team is always a pleasure… I would heartily recommend Urban Strides for any Street Dance experience whether it’s a channel 4 show, a weekly class for a total beginner or an inspirational assembly in school. Urban Strides make it fun, positive and an exciting experience-with their incredible passion and empowering message, you can’t help but be inspired”.

Brooklyn Terry

Street Dance Pioneer, Elite Force Crew

“Working with my beautiful buddy Andy Instone was amazing, soulful, and a boat load of fun as per usual. It was so good to see the community he created that were willing to not just learn the moves but also wanted to learn the culture behind them. The “whys” the “who’s” the “whens” the “wheres” as well as the “whats”. Because of this when they dance even though many did not grow up in the communities and cultures that the dances are from, their movement was “real”. Perfect in its imperfection.

Andy and his team has seriously created an amazing learning atmosphere which If you wanna get down, be challenged and crack up while doing so! I suggest you go check them…”

What our parents have to say

Kim Hardwick-Venters


“My son Luke was so nervous before he started Urban Strides but after his first session he was elated, he absolutely loved it. Since he’s auditioned and been in the Jr crew his confidence has grown and grown and grown and he’s met lovely new friends. He used to be very shy and now he gets on a stage in front of thousands of people and performs.

Being in the crew has helped him break down barriers that I never thought he would. It’s also opened the parents eyes to another style of dance and a new methodology of teaching. The children also learn the history and culture of Street Dance which I think is really important. They have a great group of teachers from all over the world who really inspire the kids. It’s a fantastic life experience, absolutely brilliant! We wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

Professor Valsa Koshy

Head of Education, Brunel University

“Urban Strides’ energy and enthusiasm are infectious, What an inspiration! Founder Andy Instone and the team at Urban Strides sets high standards and leads by example, they are supportive and encouraging to those needing help and are able to deliver a very powerful message to our people”.

: Reach For The Stars

Your Progression Path

By ensuring we have world class opportunities available, from performing on stage at the UK’s largest arena tour to training through our revolutionary accredited teacher training diploma, Urban Strides can give you not just an exciting hobby and an inspirational lifestyle but can also give you a soulfully fulfilling career too.

Performed on over 200 arena stages…
Seen on 36 TV Channels
Watched in 128 Countries
First Street Dance Crew To Open The Royal Variety Performance
Over 200 Teachers Qualified
2 Million Impacted Through Live Performance

: The Futures Bright…

Career Opportunities

We tend to promote talent from within, all our team have been impacted by the Urban Strides experience before they came onboard, so they know better than anyone how it can change lives and their love for what we do is there for everyone to see. We’re always on the lookout for great dance teachers and bright and enthusiastic people to join us on our journey.



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