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Empowering your whole school community

‘Resilience Reaps Rewards’ is a 12 month inset programme. Engineered using a compelling methodology it engages staff, students and parents, empowering them to elevate their cognitive capacity, enjoy happier and more productive classroom environments and lead more resilient lives both inside and outside of school. RRR gives you new world tools for new world challenges.

: You’re Leading the way

The science

Cultural change comes from full staff engagement, and inspiring your whole team can be a difficult ask. RRR is based on empirical evidence and it’s proven to engage your whole school community. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing everyone is pulling in the same direction as you move into the future. RRR uses the latest advancement in the fields of neuroscience, biochemistry and psychology and their contribution to peak human performance. This information is being used by elite athletes and the most innovative companies in the FTSE 250. We harness this knowledge and translate it into simple, actionable techniques your school community can use to radically improve your results.

: We’re in this together

Picture this…

It’s the first day of term, you walk into the staff room and your team is chomping at the bit to get started. Excited to try an impactful set of strategies they’ve experienced the power of first hand. They feel supported with in-depth resources and have everything they need to succeed. They have a clear plan of what they will implement and why. They believe in this work and most importantly they’re all in it together. Bonds become closer, attainment is higher and your parents are invigorated with the new and fresh approach their children are experiencing.

Kate, School Teacher

Outwoods School, Birmingham

“…The most impactful part of the training is when I got to try the techniques out for myself and I felt how much more focused and confident I was, I felt so much more focused than other trainings which I sometimes I can zone out of, but using the peak learning state techniques Andy Showed us it kept me energized and focused throughout. This training is so important for young people who have hard lives and are experiencing mental health challenges because it gives these students confidence and the belief that they can achieve what they want. It was inspirational and motivating, I can’t wait to go away and start prepping my lessons for tomorrow!”

Your teachers will walk away with:


Brand new class room strategies that are easy to implement for teachers, engaging for students and that weave seamlessly into all subjects


Time and energy saving exercises, that increase cognitive capacity, the speed of learning and memory, whilst giving teachers the time to do more of what they love


Accountability with self-sustaining training that gives independence back to staff, lightens the load on senior leadership & integrates with the school development plan


New skills to help parents support your work in school, at home. It ensures a cohesive learning environment both inside and outside of school for each child


A positive ‘can do’ school atmosphere that increases serotonin release, drives more happiness, reduces stress and regulates anxiety in staff & students

: The hero’s of the story

How your teachers, students and parents will benefit

Teachers will:

  • Be energised, enthused and have passion re-ignited through NEW advanced engagement techniques, giving the staff room that much needed buzz
  • Gain easy to implement, structured lesson plans & sustainability strategies that ensure the work continues and saves endless hours when lesson planning
  • Save time through proven daily habits & rituals, proven to increase productivity

Students will:

  • Be inspired by engaging and entertaining lessons, increasing productivity, happiness at school and improving memory and learning speed
  • Transform their sense of self belief through our 3-lesson strategy on personal narrative & heroes, and get clear on the positive behaviours they need to succeed
  • Use the F.A.S.T system to aim higher and overcome challenging situations easier and faster than before whilst increasing their self-awareness and emotional regulation

Parents will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of what resilience is and why it’s critical, how they can support the schools work on it why they play the key to unlocking it within their child
  • Create a deeper connection with the school and in turn reduce unnecessary time-sapping calls and emails and increase engagement in events
  • Enjoy piece of mind as they pick up happier children after school thanks to our end of day state changes and gratitude exercises

What Headteachers said after the training

Diane Frainer

Headteacher at York Road School – Hitchin

“I can honestly say, the Resilience Reaps Rewards inset day was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best inset training I have been on in over 20 years. We have been on a huge journey over the past few months, changing our school values, attending mindfulness training and, developing our aims and objectives. So, this inset has truly been the missing link we have been looking for. Andy has helped us develop our new school ethos and made us much more positive as individuals. As a team, we are so happy we have finally found something that works, for everyone and, by embedding these techniques in our culture, our students are now overcoming their own challenges without any prompt from us (and it hasn’t even been 2 months since the training). I honestly cannot recommend this enough! Everyone needed to be Urban Stridered”.

Keith Smithard

Headteacher at St Giles – South Mimms

“This inset really impacted the whole school. Improving how we greet each other has been so beneficial to the students and the staff, we feel we have a much closer bond now and it’s created such a lovely environment at school. We have a problem with resilience, perseverance and productivity at our school but, we knew Andy had the solutions to the challenges we were having. Being a head teacher has its rewards but, can also be extremely stressful so I am grateful that the training inspired me to do my own personal development. I attended an 8 day mindfulness course, which has positively impacted my day to day work life balance and helps me to be there more for my staff and students. Personally, I have never attended an inset with so many helpful resources. It was so refreshing being handed all the components to better your school, and not have to pay any extra fees. You can tell Andy really want to help, it’s so lovely to be inspired by someone who is so genuine.”

Simon Philby

Headteacher at Cockernhoe Primary School – Luton

“Never experienced an inset like it! Teachers and students immediately feeling energised by Andy’s enthusiastic presence. We were slightly apprehensive to start due to the fact previous insets hadn’t been so beneficial. However Resilience Reaps Rewards has had an immediate positive impact on our students, teachers and parents. At our school we have a lot of privileged children; therefore having the attitude of gratitude scheme is changing them for the better. The students are absolutely loving the “challenge accepted” and “we’ve got this” sayings! Making our students realise they will only grow if they take a positive approach to challenges. The parents have had some heart warming and emotional responses to their children’s personal growth and are so grateful for the positive change. It is truly beautiful seeing extremely shy students standing up in front of an entire assembly, excited to read out what they are grateful for. The teachers have even been taking Andy’s teachings home with them as they feel it will make a positive change in their personal lives too. Thank you so much for helping us all, truly life changing!”

What’s included?

  • 12-month action plan to ensure the work is sustained and evolves with the teachers, creating more strategies to share amongst staff so everyone grows together
  • In depth ‘Activity Sheets’ with the science, the what, why and how for every exercise which ensures staff buy in with a greater depth of understanding and focus
  • 66 Resources that are simple to use, practical and actionable, to be used across all subjects in a range of written, audio and video format to suit every kind of learner
  • Mindful Minutes, 10 recordings for the key areas of a child’s development, written by UK’s leading primary school mindfulness expert and author Adrian Bethune
  • Videos for Parents, so they can see exactly what work you’ve been doing in school and feel empowered by the ‘quick tips’ that they can implement at home too
  • Dynamic, 1-day live training, so staff can immerse themselves in the material and experience the benefits and value of it for themselves


To find out exactly how Resilience Reaps Rewards can transform your school culture, details about the training including costings and date availability, book a short discovery call today.

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