How we transform self-belief and skyrocket our students progression



Our secret sauce is the ‘How’ of what we do. It’s the combination of two unique frameworks crafted over the last two decades: The ‘3 Step Foundation Formula™’ and the ‘R.E.A.L method™.

: Street Dance for all abilities

Street Dance for all abilities

The 3 Step Foundation Formula™ adapts any move to any ability level so you feel both engaged and supported. It’s how our students stay exited about the challenge not overwhelmed. We also use it to help you create your own moves in minutes not hours.

Katie Alman

Caleb’s Mum, Aylesbury

“Caleb can’t stop dancing around the house, even when his friends are out playing football all he wants to do is dance! It makes us so happy to see that”

The 3 step Foundation Formula™

Step 1The 3 step Foundation Formula™

The small parts that make up any move. By understanding them you can take away the ones that are too difficult or add more if you want a challenge. You can take sections and change them to create an unlimited number of new moves.

Step 2Foundation Steps

These are combinations of elements combined with specific, intention and rhythm to create an entire step. Understanding the foundation steps gives you a platform from which to create. Understanding the right intention and music to do it to means you can create new moves in an authentic way.

Step 3Foundation Variations

By understanding how a step is made you can change one foundation element in a step to create a brand new move. Or you can change the whole step by using different dynamics to create a brand new look and feel to an old move.



: Our magic…

The R.E.A.L Method™

It’s our unique educational approach. It’s how our students grow in self-belief and self-confidence, get better, faster and create stronger bonds along the way. It creates our electric and inclusive atmosphere, the empowering environment and ensures our teachers know when to nurture and when to encourage you to strive for more.

It’s the four key components to every class and what we fanatically focus on to improve every area of our experiences. It stands for Relationships. Empowerment. Aspiration. Learning.

The R.E.A.L Method™

R Is For Relationships

There’s a beautiful African proverb which says, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. In a dance class students need a supportive relationships with the instructor, with their peers, and most importantly with themselves. Research shows successful relationships lead to a happier more successful life. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know we’re better equipped for whatever life throws at us, when we have the right relationships to support us.

E - Empowerment

The core of empowerment is self-belief followed by self-confidence. We build self-belief by constructing “micro-wins” which develops a personal sense of belief, confidence and ultimately progression. Surrounded by a uniquely positive, supportive and encouraging environment our students have the ingredients to feel empowered not just in our dance sessions but in all areas of life, after all confidence spreads quicker than fire.


Aiming high is essential to keep us moving in the right direction. Humans are teleological beings which means we need to create new targets and goals to feel like we are progressing. Which is why we use our inspirational student success stories alongside peer to peer demonstrations to ensure not only do our students want to aim higher and do more they can prove to themselves they can actually achieve it.


We all learn differently, one size certainly does not fit all which is why our teachers are trained in exceptional communication. Our teachers use specific techniques and exercises which ensure every type of learner is engaged as well as having the flexibility to adapt and support any individual challenge a student may face. Studies have shown when students are in a “peak state for learning” they are 500% more effective. It’s with this in mind that our teachers ensure all of our students are feeling energised, confident and positive with a can do attitude before they even take a step.

Dr Lin Champman

Chartridge, Bucks

“Whenever I pick My boys up they’re inspired, they feel elevated, like they’re floating on air…”



Fi Silverthorn

Director, Distinct Media London

“The relationships I developed at Strides not only gave me the belief and positivity to get me through my adolescents they’re also my best friends now and I’m 30, we support each other and build each other up, pushing ourselves to live our lives to the fullest, I’m privileged to call myself a “Strider for life”.

Alesi Clarke

Stone, Buckinghamshire

“There were times when my self-belief waivered but the instructors at Strides always believed in me, I almost couldn’t believe it when I was selected to embark on a 24 date arena tour with the winner of ITV’s “The voice” but I’ve learnt if you believe in yourself, commit, and surround yourself with the right people you can achieve anything you want”.