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Empower Your Educators

An Urban Strides keynote is engineered to ensure your team of educators walk away with fire in their bellies and passion in their hearts. Using inspirational real world stories and the latest research in the fields of educational psychology, neuroscience and bio chemistry your teachers will enjoy what the education revolution will look like first hand.





The hours can be long, the paper work doesn’t stop and what feels like endless emails can sometimes feel like teaching is no fun at all. We all need a reminder. A refresher. Why we got into teaching in the first place.

Education is about sparking fires, not filling buckets. We all need guidance to keep us on track, remind us of our strengths and why we do what we do and to ensure we’re all in this together, going in the same direction and beating the same drum.

: Fact not fiction

Techniques that work

During your keynote your team will enjoy strategies and cognitive frameworks that work in the real world. Not a death by power point stream of data. Informed techniques that are proven to work. It goes way beyond a ‘traditional’ keynote and is part rock concert – part academic adventure. Tied up with engaging true stories that build rapport with your teachers and ensure the messages are heard and acted upon.

: We’re in this together

Picture this…

Your team walk out of the keynote with a spring in their step. Reinvigorated with new ideas, new concepts and new techniques, itching to put them into practice. Your key messages have been listened to, engaged with and explored. Now you have an empowered team of educators chomping at the bit to crack on and inspire their students with a renewed passion for delivering high impact educational experiences.

Hilary Jones

Lecturer at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

“Humour and fun are key, and I have to say, Andy from Urban Strides is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. I often tell my students that the day I stop learning, is the day I stop teaching. Thank you for ‘teaching me something new”

An Urban Strides keynote is ideal for…

  • A conference organiser that needs an invigorating and insightful start to the day
  • A team of educators that need to re-align to a core purpose
  • Senior leaders who need access to cutting edge, educational techniques
  • Supporting the leader in getting the whole team behind a new strategy
  • Igniting your teams passion, and inspiring them to action

: Andy Instone – Urban Strides Founder

Your speaker

Driven by a passion to give world class knowledge to his students, Andy Travelled round the world on a pilgrimage to become the best Street Dance educator he could be. Starting with no money and a tough mountain to climb, Andy started in a dusty village hall with a handful of students. Two decades later and having learnt from 26 Street Dance pioneers his passion for exceptional education and a holistic approach has grown an international reputation.

His work has been seen on 36 TV channels and watched by a global audience of 1.73 Billion. He’s performed on over 200 arena stages and impacted over 2 million teachers and their students as Creative Director of the world’s largest Choir concert series, Young Voices. He has three world records to his name but more importantly also has two Blue Peter badges! He’s choreographed for her Majesty the Queen twice and even taught Sir Richard Branson and James Corden.

Using his unique education framework, his students enjoy industry success far exceeding the norm. Students have performed with artists such as Rhianna, Robbie Williams, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and Jess Glynne on west end stages, in blockbuster movies and Stadium tours. He created the worlds 1st authentic accredited Street Dance level 4 Diploma and has qualified over 200 teachers in the UK. His industry defying methodology has transcended Street Dance and is now being used by educators of all forms throughout the UK.

Resilience Reaps Rewards

In order to excel, the next generation must become more resilient to challenge and more adaptable to change. Your educators will walk away with the cutting edge strategies and approaches used by world class peak performers and adapted for the class room, so they can understand what it takes to achieve more and more importantly feel happier doing it.

The Education Revolution

Humanity is evolving faster than ever before yet our inability to navigate the quickly changing landscape is contributing to the biggest mental health crisis we’ve ever seen. Your educators will walk away feeling confident they know what to do next, to enjoy happier classrooms and more productive learning environments. Experiencing less stress at school with more relaxed and fun loving students that enjoy more academic success as a result.

F.A.S.T System

For decades our education system has put academic achievement above all else. As we all know, data driven spread sheets only tell half the story. Thankfully, following substantial peer reviewed research the evidence is clear, happier teachers create happier students who achieve higher results. Learn the 4 key levers to help your students learn more, learn faster and with less resistance. So they can enjoy more academic achievement and happier lives.

: What To Expect

What working with us looks like

Each Keynote is different because each audience is different. We can adjust each talk to your specific goals and interweave any key messages you need. For maximum impact we recommend having a conversion with one of our team so we can ascertain your needs. Your next step is to fill out an enquiry form so you can see exactly how we can help you achieve what you want.

“Our session with Andy was absolutely fantastic all the teachers have come out energized! The most impactful techniques for me were the use of movement and vocalization to drive energy, invigorate and transform a child’s mindset into a positive one. I think this training will make a massive difference to young people and particularly those that could be facing mental health challenges, If you have the chance you should definitely do this training not only will it help the children it will help you too!”
Susan Billingsley – School Teacher, Atherton

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