Empower your students to take the positive action they need to succeed

Inspirational talks for your students

An Urban Strides talk will help your students view themselves with a new appreciation of their strengths, and improved self-belief, learning to ease the need to compare themselves to others. Understanding that by leaning into challenge, and facing their fears their dreams are closer than they think. They’ll walk away feeling they can achieve their goals and more importantly, they’re worthy of them too.

Empowering your students to take action


: Straight from the horses mouth


Your talk will be delivered by Urban Strides Founder Andy Instone. Andy’s inspirational story starts from his humble beginnings in a bankrupt family to venturing around the globe in a quest to learn the truth about Street Dance culture. Andy’s funny and empowering story of how he overcame challenge after challenge and what each obstacle taught him will ensure your students see themselves in him and feel motivated to making the choice to take positive action in their own lives.

: Tell me and I may forget, involve me and I’ll understand

Key messages

Whether it’s participating in a new challenge or preparing for a new chapter we can reinforce your message with someone who is relatable and credible with your students.

Delivered with a realness young people gravitate toward, the talk is part rock concert part philosophical self-reflection. This interactive experience will have your students fully engaged and on the edge of their seat.

: Ideas that stick

Memorable moments

The success of the talk will be based on how many students implement the learnings and embody the ideas. Using linguistic devices, vivid imagery and reinforced with real world scenarios, your students will take away easy to remember techniques they can implement in their own lives instantly. Using Street Dance and Beatbox this multi-sensory presentation will ensure the message lands.

An Urban Strides talk is ideal for your students if…


You are looking for a feel good, motivational and inspirational speaker to enhance self-belief and wake students up to their true potential


You want your students to feel empowered that they can achieve anything they put their minds to, inside and outside of school and believe that it’s ok to dream big


You want to give your students tools to combat low self-esteem issues, boost self-confidence and improve how they deal with stress in the future


You want to introduce your students to an inspirational role model that promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages all aspects of your school’s ethos

: Andy Instone – Urban Strides Founder

Your Speaker

Driven by a passion to give world class knowledge to his students, Andy Travelled round the world on a pilgrimage to become the best Street Dance educator he could be. Starting with no money and a tough mountain to climb, Andy started in a dusty village hall with a handful of students. Two decades later and having learnt from 26 Street Dance pioneers his passion for exceptional education and a holistic approach has grown an international reputation.

His work has been seen on 36 TV channels and watched by a global audience of 1.73 Billion. He’s performed on over 200 arena stages and impacted over 2 million teachers and their students as Creative Director of the world’s largest Choir concert series, Young Voices. He has three world records to his name but more importantly also has two Blue Peter badges! He’s choreographed for her Majesty the Queen twice and even taught Sir Richard Branson and James Corden.

Using his unique education framework, his students enjoy industry success far exceeding the norm. Students have performed with artists such as Rhianna, Robbie Williams, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and Jess Glynne on west end stages, in blockbuster movies and Stadium tours. He created the worlds 1st authentic accredited Street Dance level 4 Diploma and has qualified over 200 teachers in the UK. His industry defying methodology has transcended Street Dance and is now being used by educators of all forms throughout the UK.

: Education is about sparking fires not filling buckets

Popular Talk topics include

Resilience Reaps Rewards

In order to excel, the next generation must become more resilient to challenge and more adaptable to change. Your students will walk away with the cutting edge strategies and approaches used by world class peak performers and adapted for the class room. They will understand what it takes to achieve more and more importantly feel happier doing it.

The Power of Positive Action

Your students will leave energised, knowing that underlying every great achievement was consistent positive action and that every big adventure starts with a small step. They will feel that anything they want to achieve is accessible as long as they start. They will learn the 3 stages to ongoing success and the 3 keys to achieving more in less time.

The Future Is Bright

For students faced with big choices or in transition. They’ll gain an anxiety reducing clarity about the future, and grasp what their choices really mean. We address the big questions and reframe them in a way that reduces pressure and enables students to make choices based on their passion and purpose and not from a place of fear of what others may think. They’ll leave feeling empowered and excited about their future, not fearful of it.

: What to expect

What working with us looks like

Each talk is different because each audience is different. We can adjust each talk to your specific goals and interweave any key messages you need. You can choose one of our 3 popular talk topics or suggest one of your own. For maximum impact we recommend having a conversion with one of our team so we can ascertain your needs. Your next step is to fill out an enquiry form so we can help you get started.

“We were thrilled to have Andy back at our school- he is an amazing street dancer and so many of our children have loved the experience of seeing him and Urban Strides at the O2 arena. But a day with Andy gives you so much more. He’s such a charismatic personality and his talks are a powerful mix of the inspirational and practical. It wasn’t just the children who were spellbound by his every move and every word, the adults were too. We’ve been lucky in our school to have had many wonderful speakers visit us, but none has delivered more than Andy. He brings such energy, fun and wisdom to everyone he meets and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
Joe Layburn, Headteacher, Bancroft’s Prep School

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