Skyrocket your child’s progress & performance skills in a matter of months not years





The Junior Crew are a team of focused, positive, and passionate young dancers who intend on pushing themselves to be the best they can be. Your child will join an empowering team that uses the ‘R.E.A.L Method’ to encourage them to evolve into the healthiest & happiest version of themselves. Giving them more courage to achieve their goals in their dance life, school life and helping nourish relationships at home. Each year we offer the opportunity for young people aged between 7-14 to audition and become part of this elite team.



Take a moment to picture your child coming out of their first Junior Crew session, beaming with excitement and jumping for joy…that is something every parent should be able to experience.

We know that it can be hard for your child to find their “thing” and their tribe. During your child’s formative years, it is crucial for them the be surrounded by a nurturing and energising environment. In the Junior Crew your child will finally be able to thrive and be their true selves, while working hard on individual and team goals.



The Junior Crew has been proven to transform children’s lives. Your child will finally find themselves in this supportive atmosphere, where connecting with like-minded peers will create lifelong friendships. When your child is surrounded by the right instructors in an empowering environment, they have the potential to achieve things neither of you thought possible. We have the tools required and a multitude of success stories that ensures this is an opportunity worth going for.

What Molly’s mum said about the Junior Crew

“Her other hobbies were fulfilling her need to perform but what Urban Strides has given her is a sense of belonging which she doesn’t get at her other dance classes. She can be completely herself, Urban Strides is really inclusive. We have found that everywhere else is too competitive…it feels like if she doesn’t conform, she’ll get shunned! However, individuality is celebrated at Urban Strides!”
Chantelle Gore – Molly’s Mum, Aylesbury



When you watch an Urban Strides Junior Crew performance, we want you to be blown away by the standard of Street Dance, energy and performance your child can attain. The heart of Urban Strides education is all about building your child’s confidence in a positive and passionate environment.

Here’s how we do it…



To become successful in any area of life your child must take consistent positive action. Sometimes life goes our way and sometimes it doesn’t. But no matter what, we teach your child to keep going, keep taking steps and keep taking positive action. This philosophy ensures they understand the need for a solid work ethic and that if they continue to strive, they will get there in the end.



Your child will learn the skill set and techniques required to deliver a high-level performance within a focussed and committed team. Having an experience of what it’s like to work towards an end goal, not only gives them a personal sense of achievement, but also teaches the importance of working together to create something you couldn’t do alone. We help your child develop their self-belief so that when they stand on stage, they show who they really are. At Urban Strides we seek to improve your child’s quality of life, not just quality of dance life!

: Relighting your fire

Step 3 – Empowerment

Your child’s eyes will be opened to what’s possible and help inspire them to push themselves to achieve what they’re capable of. We help raise your child’s expectations of what they can achieve so they understand from an early age that it’s okay to dream big. This is coupled with an ability to break their dreams down into small goals so they can see that achieving something big takes time, dedication, practice, and commitment.

Kim Hardwick-Venters


“My son Luke was so nervous before he started Urban Strides but after his first session he was elated, he absolutely loved it. Since he’s auditioned and been in the Jr crew his confidence has grown and grown and grown and he’s met lovely new friends. He used to be very shy and now he gets on a stage in front of thousands of people and performs.

Being in the crew has helped him break down barriers that I never thought he would. It’s also opened the parents eyes to another style of dance and a new methodology of teaching. The children also learn the history and culture of Street Dance which I think is really important. They have a great group of teachers from all over the world who really inspire the kids. It’s a fantastic life experience, absolutely brilliant! We wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

When selected for the Junior Crew your child will enjoy:


Dramatically increased Street Dance ability, giving them exciting opportunities in their future and developing more self-belief in the process


Nurturing family environment created by a strong sense of unity, to generate a thriving learning experience and the support they need to truly be themselves


Clear, personal, and specific tips for improvement, delivered with empathy and understanding to ensure faster progression rates


New life-long friendships that will support them through thick and thin, inside and outside of the studio


Discounts including 50% off all additional class fees, discounts off clothing and discounts off Hip Hop Don’t Stop

: Is it for me?

Who is the Junior Crew for?

The Junior Crew is for your child if:

  • They will bring a positive and passionate attitude to weekly training
  • They are passionate about Urban Strides and will push themselves week by week
  • They are willing to put in the extra time to train outside of the Junior Crew
  • They are a team player
  • They are excited to retain and practice choreography

: The Part You Play


Our parents are at the core of the Junior Crew. Without their unwavering support of our education philosophies the Junior Crew simply wouldn’t exist. Because of the goals and objectives that the Junior Crew have, it is imperative you’re fully aware of the commitment and support required if you want your child to enjoy the fantastic benefits on offer.

We need you to:

  • Believe in the Urban Strides values of hard work, dedication, commitment and fun!
  • Appreciate that becoming exceptional takes time and will not happen over night
  • Support and respect the decisions made by the Urban Strides team
  • Be an active ambassador for Urban Strides and your child’s crew
  • Ensure your child attends every rehearsal
  • Share the core belief that if you want something you have to work for it

: Practice makes progress

what to expect

The audition will be very different to a ‘typical’ audition. We appreciate it can be nerve wracking for you and your child, so we go over and above to ensure the experience is as relaxed and fun as can be, so it feels more like one of our classes and less like a pressure cooker! We are looking for dancers with not necessarily the best technique but with the drive to fully immerse themselves within the crew and the passion to give it their all every week, inside and outside of the studio.

Because the Junior Crew is an audition-based opportunity the techniques they will experience will be advanced. During training they will be developing their confidence in performance skills, musicality, showmanship, teamwork and freestyle. We find for children of this age the most successful approach is to make our training methods fun and exciting, so they dramatically improve in confidence and fitness levels whilst having a laugh at the same time!

Your Instructor

“Jenny has been a part of Urban Strides for 12 years! She was in the Senior Crew for 7 years and went on 2 UK arena tours with Urban Strides, performing in front of 20,000 people every night. She completed our Level 4 Teacher Training Diploma in 2014 and got one of the highest marks of her year. Jenny has now been teaching the Junior crew for a number of years and is taking them from strength to strength. She is a phenomenal teacher and has created some astonishing pieces with the Junior crew. She makes a huge effort to always remain a student. Jenny devotes her spare time to coming to events such as Hip Hop Don’t Stop to widen her skills set even further. ”
Jenny Bramley


We are committed to ensure excellent education is affordable. Our programs are paid for on a monthly basis in order to keep costs as low as possible. We feel It’s right for you to be in control which is why we believe in the following principles:

No long tied-in contracts

Money back guarantee

If you stop early we miss out not you

Junior Crew members receive 50% reduction on any additional weekly classes and discounts at Hip Hop Don’t Stop


Junior Crew fees are split into affordable monthly payments starting from as little as £77.40 per month! We run our Junior Crew training every Saturday morning during school terms and break during the Summer, Easter and Christmas holidays. For simplicity we split your class fees into smaller monthly payments.


If after your first class it isn’t the best dance class you have ever been to, and you do not want to continue, simply let us know and you pay nothing!

: The First Step of The Journey


Would your child like to…

  • Feel accepted and part of a positive feel-good community?
  • Dramatically increase their Street Dance ability?
  • Perform on some of the biggest stages in the UK?
  • Be inspired to push themselves to grow as a dancer and an individual?
  • Feel confident in all walks of life?


We hold auditions once a year in February. To get ahead of the crowd you can register your interest now. Fill in your details below and as soon as we have confirmed the new audition venue and times, we will let you know.

Date: Sunday 25th February 2024

Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Venue: Bucks New University, High Wycombe, HP11 2JZ