An inspirational workshop created to ignite your students passion in an electric and inclusive atmosphere





We understand the challenges of teaching secondary school students. We know inspiring and motivating teenagers is a constant challenge. Which is why you can be rest assured the content of your Urban Strides workshop will be challenging enough to keep your students engaged throughout as we build their physical confidence and cater for the range of abilities in your class.



We are focused on sparking and developing your student’s confidence while including them in an environment where they are surrounded by passion and positivity. We will unleash your student’s creativity and give them an opportunity to express themselves in something that will boost their self-esteem and put a massive smile on their faces!



Take a moment to picture your students leaving their Urban Strides workshop, they have laughed, danced, and learnt so much in a short space of time. Each student has a huge smile on their face, glowing with their newfound confidence, ready to combat any challenge thrown at them… that is something every teacher and student should be able to experience.

An Urban Strides Workshop is ideal for your school if…


You are looking for a feel good, motivational and inspirational workshop to get students on their feet, dancing to great music and enhancing self-belief


You want to give your students tools to combat low self-esteem issues, boost self-confidence and improve how they deal with stress in the future


You want your students to feel empowered that they can achieve anything they put their minds to, inside and outside of school and believe that it’s ok to dream big


You want to introduce your students to an inspirational role model that promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages all aspects of your school’s ethos


You want to work on team building to enhance the positive and supportive environment around your school, making your life as a teacher much easier


You have an arts week, and want a new experience that will have a lasting positive impact on your students throughout the rest of the year


You need specialist Street Dance knowledge to support your work at GCSE or A-level dance or performing arts


You have a high achieving dance group within the school that need expert interaction and a specialist that can take their performances to the next level

Holly, Advanced Skills Teacher

Culloden School, East London

“We had a real blast with Urban Strides, the pupils and staff got a terrific amount from it and we all found it hugely worthwhile! Emotionally these types of experiences are so important to our children. They come from a place where music is not played in the home, where creativity and self-expression are not even encouraged let alone a priority, which means workshops like these are just vital to them developing as human beings. We witnessed some amazing things from the children, joining in where they haven’t in the past, letting themselves go physically and creatively, and emotionally being more open and receptive to learning as a result of it all. It was a joy to watch, I knew they would love the dancing and the instructor’s energy. They were able to engage with him and ultimately that meant he was able to get the best out of them.

After feeding back to our head teacher about it, she would like me to organise another set of workshops!”


Layout of the Day

For maximum impact in your school, we recommend our “inspiration package”. This consists of 4 x 1-hour workshops followed by a showing to each other at the end of the day and open to parents too.

In each workshop, your students will learn the foundations of a specific Street Dance style. They will understand what Street Dance is and the importance of its history. They will learn a choreographed piece based on the building blocks they have set out and have an opportunity to unleash their own creativity.

They will enjoy the electric and inclusive Urban Strides atmosphere. So, no matter how they walk into the session they leave felling more empowered, confident, and happy than when they started. Our instructors use their role model status to reinforce your school’s ethos as well as projecting positive messages of resilience, focus, and commitment throughout the workshop.

We can also create something bespoke for your school’s needs. If you’d like something different simply fill out our ‘find out more’ form and a member of our team will be in touch to create a specific solution to your needs.

Would your students like to?

  • Have a deep routed confidence that they can achieve anything they put their mind to?
  • Have a newfound sense of self belief?
  • Experience an empowering and exciting Street Dance workshop?
  • Have the opportunity to express themselves in a supportive environment?
  • Learn authentic Street Dance?

Enquire About Availability & Fees

Our minimum booking fee is £200 (plus travel) and workshops usually last for 2 or 4 hrs depending on content. Our workshop creation team will work with you to ensure we deliver exactly what you’re looking for. So that we can best answer your enquiry, please complete the form below in as much detail as possible.

  • The following questions relate to the participants

  • Your Contact Details


Do all of your instructors have a DBS?

All of our instructors have an enhanced DBS check and our qualified instructors also hold the world’s first accredited street dance teacher training diploma as well as a level 1 child protection training certificate.

Are the workshops suitable for all abilities?

We specialise in layering our teaching approach so we can have a range of abilities in one class and your students can work at their appropriate level. If you have any special needs or physical disabilities in your group, contact Alison – [email protected].

What if it isn’t what I expected?

We operate a simple money back guarantee. At Urban Strides we have a really clear policy, if you don’t love it let us know within 30 minutes of the first session and we’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked. Simple.

Do you teach all styles of Street Dance?

We are the Street Dance specialists, we only teach Street Dance. We have experience in teaching all styles of Street Dance and most importantly breaking it down to make it accessible to yours students. However the most popular styles we teach are: Hip Hop, Locking, Breaking, Popping and House. We will be happy to advise you as to the styles we think are best suited to your ability or age group. If you have a specific style in mind that we haven’t listed above, contact Alison – [email protected].

Can we have more than one instructor?

Yes we often provide multiple instructors, perfect if you want to teach a lot of students in one day, for an arts week for example?

Can you make your workshops relevant to the areas our children are learning from the national curriculum?

Yes. We have worked on several projects regarding cross – curricular workshops. Let us know what areas of the curriculum you want to inspire your children in whether it’s science, Maths or English and we’ll create a workshop to tie it all together for you.

Could you do a project for a whole week or a few consecutive days and end it in a performance?

Yes. We have often created performances pieces to be shown in competitions at recitals or simply for parents to see what progress their children have made.