Inspirational classes with an encouraging instructor, in an inclusive & electric atmosphere





With work, family and friends all requiring your energy sometimes it feels your needs get put on the shelf. Not. Any. More. When you join an Urban Strides class your inspirational instructor will make sure your needs are front and centre and they’ll remind you how bad ass you are 😉

We’re ready to welcome you with open arms, encouraging class mates, zero judgement and some absolute TUNES! You deserve one hour a week where you get to let your inner dance beast out in a supportive space. Many of our adult students didn’t realise how much they needed our classes until they experienced them.



“The R.E.A.L Method’ is our unique approach that ensures you’ll fit right in, and be inspired to express who you really are. The quality of your relationship with your instructor and your peers is our priority, so you’ll feel more relaxed and begin to thrive faster than you thought.

Every 6 weeks you’ll enjoy a new authentic Street Dance style, with new moves, plus their history, culture and context. ‘The 3 Step foundation Formula’ gives you the sense of achievement you want and the spark you need to propel yourself to the next level. You’ll feel pride as you see your progress skyrocket each session and be excited at the thought of what next week may bring.

Urban Strides is for you if you want to enjoy:


Inspiring instructors who know what it feels like when you start something new, understand your challenges and help you grow so you can unleash your power


The “R.E.A.L Method” to give you the physical confidence to express who you really are, dance like no one is watching and rock the dance floor


A NEW positive and inclusive community that encourages and supports you so you can achieve your goals and be celebrated for your individuality


Less stress and deep-rooted self-belief so you can overcome challenges & set-backs in your work and personal life with a new found ease

Sarah Fletcher

Thame, Oxfordshire

“I remember the nerves on my first week but they quickly melted away as soon as I met my instructor Andy, he was so welcoming, warm and encouraging. There’s something about the vibe at Strides, the atmosphere is electric and the people are awesome, I found my tribe. It’s my time to let loose and be in my own dance bubble. I’ve met some of my best friends at Strides, it tends to attract passionate, easy going, fun loving people with a lust for life and that’s who I love being around. I went from one hour per week and now I do four! I wanted to get more involved and became class assistant and now I’m the event manager at Hip Hop Don’t Stop which is crazy and I love it! It’s even helped give me opportunities to progress my career outside of the class which I wasn’t expecting! I can’t believe I’ve been coming for 10 years! It doesn’t even feel like two! Each week I still look forward to class with the same energy as I did when I started”

What we provide

Our fun and “Aim higher” attitude attracts happy, passionate, positive people with a can do attitude. They understand that starting something new can be daunting and are always there with a smile of encouragement when you need it. This ensures the atmosphere is positive and empowering, allowing you to dance with complete freedom. Because of this inclusive and open vibe dancers often create long lasting friendships both inside and outside the dance studio.

Being better today than we were yesterday is at our core. Which is why we are continually seeking out the best in the world to learn from, so you can enjoy a first-class experience. We work with Olympic coaches, are mentored by the creators of Street Dance themselves and we created the World’s only authentic Street Dance teaching Diploma. Being a Strider is about aiming high in all areas of your life not just in the dance studio. We put happiness and wellness first, so whatever you want to achieve, being a part of Urban Strides will give you the boost you need to get there and feel good about yourself when you do.

We fully appreciate being on stage is not for everyone. Which is why you get the choice. When you feel ready and would like perform you have the chance to audition and be part of our Senior crew. So, if you’re excited at the prospect of performing with an empowering team, being in our crew will take your Street Dance game to a whole new level.

There are progression paths in Urban Strides that take you from absolute beginner all the way to performing on an arena tour or becoming a professional Street Dance teacher with our Level 4 accredited diploma. As well as our Street Dance camp “Hip Hop Don’t Stop” which includes world class instructors we also have Street Dance pioneer workshops (with the teachers who created the styles of Street Dance we teach!) Our students have also performed on stadium tours and in movies with the world’s biggest artists, so whatever the future has in store, you can rest assured you’ll get every opportunity you need to flourish.



Beginners Striders

Suitable for everyone who loves dance and wants to be a part of the positive vibes at Urban Strides. Perfect for those just starting out, these sessions build everything from the ground up and will ensure you are bursting with confidence before you know it!

Intermediate Striders

Now you have got the basics it’s time to step up and stretch your wings. More moves, more challenge, more growth = more excitement! You will begin to understand much more about Street Dance culture and how you can put moves together and even create moves on your own!

Crew StRiders

You have progressed this far now it’s time for the ultimate challenge – our Senior performance crew. The crew is selected by audition and the performance opportunities are exciting to say the least. A yearly Arena tour with famous music artists as well as other theatre performance opportunities around the country. Being a part of an Urban Strides crew is definitely something you’ll want to tell Nan about!

Our classes are split into affordable monthly payments starting from as little as

per month

We also have significant discounts for multiple class bookings:

Book 2 weekly classes and receive 25% DISCOUNT on your total class fees

Book 3 weekly classes and receive 33% DISCOUNT on your total class fees

*Classes run during school terms and break during holiday periods. For simplicity we split your class fees into smaller monthly payments.


If after your first class it isn’t the best dance class you have ever been to, and you do not want to continue, simply let us know and you pay nothing!


What do I wear?

We are super chilled about clothing at Urban Strides, our philosophy is be who you are! With that being said we would recommend trainers with a good sole for cushioning, loose-fitting clothing like tracksuit bottoms and a loose T-shirt, so you can move about freely.

What do I need to bring?

Plenty of water, a warm hoody or coat to ensure your muscles are kept warm when you leave, heaps of passion, a smiley face 😀

I'm nervous about coming on my own

That’s understandable! Whenever you try something new it can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. 90% of our Urban Strides students come on their own the first time. On arrival, you will be welcomed by your class assistant and instructor who will make you feel relaxed and at ease. Before long you would have made new friends and will look forward to seeing them every week at class. Many people spend too long plucking up the courage, make it happen, come along and see for yourself. One of our students recently commented that she took 8 months to pluck up the courage and now she’s in class she wished she would’ve started sooner! Don’t waste time, come down and try it after all if you don’t love it you have your money-back guarantee.

How do I progress?

We have progression paths for everyone. If you want to improve faster we have weekly intermediate and advanced classes as well as 3 times a year we have our all day Street Dance Camps with the best instructors in Europe. We have performance crews if you want to perform and the world’s first government accredited Street Dance teaching diploma if you want to make a career out of Street Dance.

Are we tied to a long contract?

No. Payments are taken month by month and if you’re circumstances change simply give us one month’s notice and you can leave at any time.

Do all of your instructors have a DBS check?

All of our instructors have an enhanced DBS check and our qualified instructors also hold the world’s first accredited street dance teacher training diploma as well as a level 1 child protection training certificate.

What if I don't like it?

We understand that you may feel unsure whether the classes will work for you, but we want to enable you to experience the classes. So, register and book then come along to your first class. If for any reason you decide the class is not for you, simply let us know and we cancel the booking and the direct debit instruction is not activated (effectively giving you a free trial class).

What if classes are full?

Our classes often fill up, if places are unavailable you will be placed on a waiting list where you will be notified on a first come first basis when places become available. We do limit our class sizes to ensure the instructors can give each student the attention they deserve, so make sure you’re not disappointed…